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Thursday, March 24, 2011


Thursday a day I half-heartedly look foreword to. I say half-heartedly only because I get paid but it all goes to bills or eating out which I hate doing because it upsets my stomach and it very very costly. Today I went to a panda express at the mall and if anyone doesn't know what panda express is it is a Chinese food restaurant, I found a bristle from the brush they use to clean the wok in my rice to I took it to them and told them what was going on. They asked me what I wanted done and I asked for at lease some of my money back and they refunded the whole thing then when I went back to eat the rest of the food that didn't have bristles in it they kept giving my dirty looks. The kept speaking in Spanish but I took 2 years of Spanish and have friends that speak Spanish so I knew they were talking shit about me. So to those of you in Phoenix don't go to the panda express at Desert Ridge Market Place unless you want wire brush bristles in your rice cold food and people insulting you and shooting you dirt looks for their problems they should rinse out the wok after they brush it so this doesn't happen. Then my mother in law has attitude b/c my fiance's bank fucked up because it kept telling him he had money available when he didn't so he ended up $180 short from his paycheck because of it and so the bitch couldn't get her fucking rocker recliner chairs! UGH!!! Thursdays are a fucking pain and a half and because she had us run all over town the poor dogs were locked up all day in one crate three dogs in a medium size dog's crate. Plus this happens every week so we cant get our room clean because she wants to run around and waste my fiance's gas on shit only she wants to do. But next paycheck I will be getting 11 hours of overtime at $12 an hour plus 40 hours at $8 an hour plus about $300 in commission. So I will be able to get new running shoes!! 

Just another day in my crazy f**ed up life.
Thanks for reading.
Stay classy readers!

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