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Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Todays theme is free. When someone tells you something is going to be free that means no charge right? 99% of the time NO. There is some kind of gimick or you have to pay for something else to get something free. Its getting ridiculous! I mean seriously cant free just mean free! you know like free samples in the mall or costco!! which costco is a wonderful place on the weekends because of that fact ;) but back on topic is there really anything that is truly free anymore? sad to say not much free almost everything free has some catch or really anything that seems too good to be true usually is. like when i was looking for a siberian husky puppy for my fiance everything was a scam i almost gave up but one day i decided to take one last look on craigslist and found a german shepard siberian husky mix puppy for $65 i was thinking of seeing how low she would go but all of a sudden my fiance just turned to me and asked me if i had the money i had the money gave it to the lady and then we were on our way home with a puppy....

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