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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

The Royal Life From Hell

This is a story I am in the process of writing. I want opinions on it please! "What do you mean I have to take the throne?!" I screamed furiously. "I'm so sorry I just can't handle this anymore." Kikiyo said submissively. "Oh so now you're sorry! Unlike you some of us have to live a double life!" I continued. As you can tell I odn't want to take the throne, but I'm getting ahead of myself. Let me introduce myself. My name is Dementia Royal-yeskette and I am a princess, but not your fairytale variety. My life/existance is anything but a fairytale. You see I am a princess of Hell. I'll admit being a princess does have its perks, but for the most part being royal is a pain in the ass. Which is why many royals choose to live a double life, one life in Hell and one life on Earth (also know as the Middlelands because it is the dimension between Heaven and Hell). My twin sister Evera and I are perfect examples. we have been living as humans for centuries. Currently in the human world I am a 17 year old girl by the name of Caramel (Mel) Ather. I live in Phoenix, Arizona. We'll get to that later because right now for a brief moment we're going to a time before I came to Earth. A time before only girls could rule Hell. When we were children Evera and I were inseperable, which meant that our father (Satan, the devil, whatever you wanna call him) who wanted to use Evera to take over and destroy the mortal relm. The reason she is so special is because she is the balance between good and evil. Dad knew that it meant he had to spoil me as much as he did Evera or his plan wouldn't work. We were the favorites. Anything and everything we wanted we got. Father soon realized that I could serve a very importan purpose as well because i am almost pure evil. I say almost because our mother is half Angel, half Witch and our father is pure evil. He learned this one day when i went into the palace kitchen and told them i wanted cookies. One of the chefs looked at me and said, "No Dementia, if you have cookies now you won't eat your dinner."(I was only 5 at the time). My eyes went red, I levated a kitchen knife right by his head and then Evera walked in an said, "Dementia why are you threatening the chef?" "Beause he wouldn't give me my damn cookies!" "Oh ok continue." she said and left. Then I made the levataing knife sliced his throat. "Now will someone get me my cookies?!" I never felt guilt or remorse. The only person I was kind to was Evera. My instructors soon learned that i was a force to be reckoned with. If they said the wrong thing to me they regretted it. They knew it was comingby looking at my eyes. They were either grey or black when I was calm, but when I got upset or angry they would turn a deep crimson red. Then depending on what they said or did is how I decided their punishment. My father soon hired a new instructor for me so that i could learn to fight properly. I insisted Evera learn with me and she was more then happy to oblige and Dad couldn't say no. And as luck would have it Evera and I turned out to be the best fighters. Eventually I was given the option to become the executioner at the palace. I was happy to have been consided and I immediatly accepted. Evera was shocked when she walked in on one of my more bloody executions. "D..D..Dementia!?" Evera asked, "What are you doing?!" I sighed slightly irratated at her question because i thought the anwser was quite obvious. "Evera, I'm in the middle of something. Can what you have to say wait?" "Yes." "Okay then we will discuss this later." "Fine." She said as she turned around and walked back up the stairs and out the door. *Evera's question had better be damn important.*  After I was done I tracked down Evera. "What was so important that you had to interupt me?" I asked. "I wanted to know if you were ready to go back to Earth?" I thought about it for a second and said, "Sure, why not let's do it." "So where are we going this time?" I asked. "How about Salem,Massachutes? I hear they apprecitate witches there." Evera suggested. "Sounds good to me." We decided we would go into a well respected witch family near but not quite in Salem. It was about a month before our 16th birthday when the Salem Witch Trials began. Our parents sent us into Salem and told us to find someone to live with, someone who would keep our secret safe and make sure no harm came to us. We found a family that was willing to take in a witch but only one. "Evera you should stay here with them. I can take care of myself." I said. "Yeah I guess you're right but I hate being seperated." She said. "Don't worry when this whole thing blows over we won't have to be seperated." We hugged and I went on to find someone who would take me in but I had no luck. It started getting dark so I found a clearing in the woods, gathered firewood and made a small fire. I ate some of the food I had packed and then fell asleep. When I woke up it was almost dawn but the fire was still burning as bright as it was when I went to sleep and I had a blanket over me. *How in the world is the fire still burning? And how did I get a blanket?* My anwser soon revealed itself. A guy who appeared to be a few years older then me walked into the clearing. His arms were full of firewood. Out of instinct I jumped up and positioned myself just right in case i needed to run. (Unlike most of the girls fo the time Evera and I wore pants instead of skirts). He stopped and set down the firewood. "Look miss I mean you no harm. I saw you lying there and you looked cold. I saw that your fire was going out so I put a blanket over you and added more wood to the fire." I looked at him, he was tall, he had dark brown hair and the brightest blue eyes I had ever seen. I also noticed that above his right eye there was a small scar. "What makes you think I need you help?" I demanded. "It was the way I was raised." He answered. "Well you have my thanks but I must get going." "And where would a lovely young lady such as youself be going?" As soon as he realized what said that immediatly apologized, "I beg your pardon I don't know why I said that." I just laughed. "What's so funny?" He questioned. "For a brief second I thought you were different from all the others and I also thought you were bold, but I guess I was wrong. To answer you earlier question I am going to find a family who is willing to take me in despite the fact that I'm a witch. I found a family for my twin sister but they couldn't take us both so I told her to stay. I plan to go see her on our birthday next month." "Well most girls would have thought that to be too bold." "I'm not most girls." "I see that. You are more than welcome to stay with me. I don't have any family so it's just me." "As nice as that sounds I don't even know your name nor do you know mine." I pointed out. "You're right. Where are my manners? My name is Alexander." "My name is De.. er... Fate." "Can't remember your name?" "I can its just my sister and I have nicknames for each other. Mine is Dementia and her's is Evera." I lied. "That makes sense." He said. "And my invitation still stands." "Well..., it would save me alot of trouble... but if you try anything I'm leaving understood?" "Yes." "So now that we have that settled where exactly do you live?" I asked looking around. "I'll show you." He said. "Hold on." I said. I walked a little ways away from the clearing an I returned with my horse. "What is that?" Alexander questioned. "What does it look like. It's a horse." "Okay." "Yes I know it's odd for a girl to have a horse but she was a gift and I love to ride." "He laughed. "What?" "Nothing." I sighed as I mounted my horse. "No saddle?" "No I never use a saddle on Midnight." "Midnight?" "Yes Midnight as you can see she is pure black just like the sky at midnight." "He smiled and I wondered what he was thinking. ˚Get a grip you don't even know him! Besides he is way beneath you! You are a princess and he is a commoner!˚ Dementia chided. (Confused? Whenever I am on earth somehow I get split in two. We are the same person yet two very different people. So when she talks in my head it will be in ˚˚.) *Shut up* ˚Why should I?˚ *Because you're an annoying bitch!* ˚Is that any way to talk about youself?˚ She asked grinning. *Go to Hell!* ˚Gladly.˚ And then she was gone. I let out a sigh of relief. "Is something wrong?" asked Alexander. "Huh me? No. Nothing wrong here." *I hope he bought that.* We were nearing the edge of the forest when he stopped and said, "We're here. It's not that big but it's home." "Well considering you live alone you wouldn't need it to be that big." I said smiling, which was a bad move because in this particular life I still had my fangs. I hate it when that happens. He moved closer and asked, "Are those... fangs?" *Shit!* "It is none of you bussiness if they are or are not. I don't know anything about you that your name is Alexander, you don't have any family, you think I'm pretty and that you live here. Now where I'm from until you knew more informaiton than what you could find out from a random person one does not ask questions about a young lady's teeth!" He said nothing. When I began to dismount he surprised me by lifting me up off of Midnight and gently set me on the ground. When he saw my puzzled expression he asked, "Is something wrong?" "No. It's just that no one has ever done that before and that you did it even after I yelled at you." He just smiled. "Um.. quick question. Where do I put Midnight?" "I'll take her. You can go inside and if you're hungry there is plenty of food." I nodded and went inside. I was still tired so I got into what I believed to be the guest bed and fell asleep. When I woke up Alexander was outside sitting by a small stream. I decided that it was best to leave him alone. So I decided that since he was kind enough to take me in that I would clean his house. Later when I finished cleaning I was just about to light the stove to cook a meal the two of us when Alexander walked in. “It looks like somebody’s been busy.” He said looking around. “Well the least I could do is clean but no offense it wasn’t an easy task.” “None taken.” I smiled. “Again with the fangs and yes I know they’re real.” “I’m not even going to ask how you know that.” “Well I was going to tell you but since you don’t care I guess I won’t.” “I could care less either way. Now if you’ll excuse me I was about to make lunch.” “I’ll light the stove for you.” “That won’t be necessary.” I said with a cryptic smile. “Why not?” “I’ll show you.” I walked over to the stove, put my hands near the wood, closed my eyes and concentrated and sure enough it paid off because seconds later the wood started to burn. Alexander looked at me in shock and said. “How did you do that?” “That’s for me to know and you to try and find out.” “Well I’ll have plenty of time for that.” After we were done eating I wanted to be alone. “ Alexander I’m going for a ride.” With that I got Midnight and took off. I stopped under a tall tree. I took off my shoes, stood on Midnight’s back and pulled myself up on to the branch above me. Midnight trotted back to Alexander ’s. She always knew when I needed to be alone. I kept climbing until I was about halfway up. I stopped and lied down on the branch. *Evera and I should never have come here. By agreeing to come here I’ve put her in danger. I wish Amara were here. She would know what to do.* I sighed. Then all of a sudden I heard footsteps. I looked down to see Alexander . He was calling my name and looking around. *Of course. Midnight went back without me so he must have thought I fell off.* “I’m fine Alexander I didn’t fall off.” I called. He looked around. “Look up.” “How did you get way up there?” he asked. “I climbed how else? Come on up.” He looked at the tree and then at me and started to climb. When he reached me I moved over for him and he said, “Hi, I’m Alexander . Do you climb here often?” “Nope, I just moved in with another Alexander not too far from here.” “Does he know you’re out here climbing trees?” “I’m pretty sure he does but just in case I should probably get going.” “That might be a good idea, but it’s dangerous out here after dark so I should escort you home.” “Well it’s not after dark yet so if you want to escort me home you’d better so something to keep me from getting bored.” “Sounds easy enough.” So we sat and talked for a couple of hours. I was very careful about what I said. He almost fell off a couple times. I’ll admit that one of the times I pushed him… I was nice talking to him. I couldn’t explain it bit I felt safe around him. I felt like I could tell him the truth about me and he would understand, but I knew I shouldn’t because I knew it would put him in danger. When it got dark we started to climb down and when I reached the last branch I whistled. “What did you do that for?” “You’ll see in a minute.” Just after I said that Midnight came and stood under the branch. I grabbed my shoes, climbed down onto her back and put my shoes on. I looked at Alexander and he said, “How did you do that?” “What whistle?” “No. Get her to come.” “She’s a witch’s horse what do you expect?” “Good point.” “Are you just going to stand there all night or are you going to get on?” He climbed down and sat behind me. I turned my head to him and said, “Hold on I don’t need you to fall off.” And with that Midnight darted through the forest and seconds later we were back at Alexander ’s. I got off just fine but I think Alexander was a little shaken up because when he tried to dismount he fell off. I couldn’t help but laugh. He pretended his feelings were hurt but I knew he was just joking. “Come on lets get you inside.” I said. “On the contrary I’m safer out here at night then you are.” He said. I had just started to change into my night clothes when Alexander walked in. “Alexander!! Do you mind I’m trying to change” I screamed. “Sorry.” he said immediately exiting the room. *Was he … blushing…?* ˚Maybe he’s never seen a naked girl before. You never can tell with mortals.˚ *True but there’s something different about him, something in his aura that I can’t quite pinpoint but I’m not sure he is entirely mortal.* ˚He acts like a mortal.˚ *Who asked you?* ˚No one I give my opinion when and where I damn well please.˚ *You are impossible!* ˚Yes, you are.˚ I finished getting dressed and got into the bed. Just as I had gotten comfortable there was a knock on the door, “Are you decent?” Alexander called from the other side of the door. “Yes Alexander I’m dressed.” He walked in and said, “Did you get dressed in the dark?” “Yes.” “You Miss Fate are a very strange girl.” “Thank you for noticing. Now if you will excuse me I’m trying to sleep.” “Really? I would have never noticed.” He said sarcastically. “Well I was.” “If you say so. I hope you find my bed to you liking.” He said smiling. After that he left the room. *He’s so sweet he’s letting me sleep in his bed.* I thought smiling. ˚Don’t tell me you falling for that commoner! ˚ I didn’t reply. ˚ You are aren’t you?! If only Amara were here to see this. What do you think she would say? ˚ *Don’t you dare bring Amara into this!* ˚Why? Touchy subject? ˚ *If you don’t drop it right now you will regret it!* She shut up. Over the next couple of weeks Alexander and I developed a silent agreement that I would come and go as I pleased with no questions asked. I could tell that every time I came back he wanted to ask questions but he never did. “So I’m really not allowed to ask any questions?” “No you’re not.” “Not even when you birthday is?” “No you’re not allowed to ask me when my birthday is, but if you were and I answered you truthfully I would tell you that my and my twin’s birthday is All Hallow’s Eve.” “And if you did that would make me smile.” I rolled my eyes at him. *Only the rest of today until I can go see Evera.* It was getting dark so I went into what had become my room over the past month and changed into my night clothes. I fell asleep knowing that I was going to get to see Evera tomorrow. The sun has just risen as I got out of bed the next morning and got dressed. *Too bad I won’t get to see Alexander anymore after today.* ˚Why won’t you? Oh right that whole ‘not living past 16 dilemma. Oh well it’s for the best. ˚ I smelled something burning so I went downstairs to investigate. When I reached the bottom of the staircase Alexander was standing there holding what I assumed was the source of the smell. “Happy Birthday Fate!” “Thanks.” *Too bad I won’t be around much longer.* “Well I’d love to stay but I have other plans.” “I understand.” “I’d better get going.” I said as I walked out the door. I took Midnight and we went to the house where I had to leave Evera. “Fate!” “Hey Elizabeth long time no see sis.” I said smiling. “I’m actually ready to go home.” “Well it was your idea to come up here in the first place so you only have yourself to blame. I on the other hand don’t really want to go home yet.” Evera had a shocked expression on her face. “Normally you can’t wait to go home. What gives?” “Well… I…” “You what? Come on Dementia tell me.” “I met someone.” “Wait. What?! Since when do you fall in love?” “Since now? I don’t even know. You know how I still have my fangs in this life?” “Yeah, lucky.” “Well he knew they were real fangs and not just normal teeth that happened to look like fangs.” “He did? Wow.” “Well I’ll see you at home tomorrow.” “Yep. Bye sis.” I woke up the next morning expecting to be back home at the palace but much to my surprise I was still at Alexander 's. *I'm not sure if I should be happy, concerned or both!* °Isn't this what you wanted?° *Yeah but I didn't think it would actually happen!* °Well it did so stop freaking out!° *I have every right to be freaking out! I shouldn't be here still. This has never happened before. I don't get it.* °Maybe you aren't supposed to.° *Who asked you?* °Must I repeat myself?° *It was a rhetorical question.* °Somebody woke up in the wrong dimension.° I glared at her. After I was done arguing with her I decided to go see if Evera was still here too, so I went downstairs, told Alexander I would be back later and rode until I got to Evera. She was outside underneath a tree pacing back and forth. "Dementia I am so glad to see you! Why are we still here?" "Well I guess if one if us stays so does the other but I don't know why we're still here." I said. "Well at least you get to spend more time with...wait you never told me his name." Evera said. "His name is Alexander ." "What can you tell about him from his aura?" "To be honest not much. I can't get a clear reading its odd... What do you think it means?" "How should I know?" "Just asking." "Okay." "Well I should get going." "Okay see you later." "Bye." I took Midnight and started to head back to Alexander 's. About halfway there I stopped to climb a tree and think. *I know I'm not that great at reading or sensing auras but normally I can sense something. This is frustrating.* "Up in the trees again Fate? The same tree none the less." "And yet again you see fit to bother me when I am up in my tree." I said rolling my eyes. "I wasn't aware you owned this tree." He said sitting next to me on the branch. “I don't own this tree but I do like to be alone sometimes." "What if i said I don't want you to be alone? Then what would you do?" I sat there for a moment before doing or saying anything and then said, "This." I pushed him sideways; he lost his balance and fell out of the tree. I jumped down to see if he was hurt. I stood next to him and asked, "Are you okay Alexander ?" He responded by using his arm to knock me off balance and fall to the ground. I turned my back to him and pretended my feelings were hurt. He came over and wrapped his arms around me. "I'm sorry." He said. Then he out his head next to mine and rested it on my right shoulder. I turned my head to face him, gave him a quick kiss and turned my head the opposite way. I felt my cheeks get warm. He took his hand and gently turned my face towards his. Then he leaned in closer as did I until our lips were almost touching. We sat there just staring at each other for what seemed like hours but was only seconds before he leaned foreword the rest of the way, placed his hand on the back of my head, pulled me closer to him and into a long, deep, passionate kiss. *Mmm...He tastes honey.* °And I'd be willing to bet that to him you taste like blood and death.° *I do not taste like death! Blood, yes death, no.* °Just think about all of the people you've killed. You reek of death...Although so does he so he may not mind.° *Well he lives alone with the exception of me so maybe his family was killed and that's why he reeks of death. You never know.* When Alexander stopped kissing me I felt my cheeks grow red again. "You taste good." Alexander said. "So do you." He smiled and said, "I think I cut my tongue on your fangs." "Sorry." He laughed, "It's okay. My mouth just tastes like blood now." I could smell the blood in and mouth and I could feel my own mouth start to water. "Fate are you okay?" Alexander asked. "Yeah I'm just hungry." "Oh right. When was the last time you ate or I guess I should say when was the last time you ate someone with you being a vampire and all." I looked at him in disbelief. "What's wrong?" Alexander asked. "" "You want to know how I know you're a vampire?" I nodded. "I've known other vampires." "Fine, I guess I can trust you. The last time I fed was a week before I met you." "No wonder you're hungry. Here." He tilted his neck to one side and pulled my mouth closer to his neck and said, "Drink." I could hear his heartbeat and feel his pulse at the nape of his neck. I hesitated for a second before sinking my fangs into his neck. I felt Alexander tense up ever so slightly when my fangs broke skin. His blood was salty but also sweet at the same time. It was a bad combination with my blood-lust as bad as it was and his blood being as appealing to me as it was. After about a minute or two I think he realized that I was going to take more than he thought. It wasn't that I had taken more than I normally would after not eating for that long its just that I don't think he'd ever had anyone feed from him before. He kept tapping on my shoulder and calling me by my mortal name at the time Fate but I wasnt paying attention. °At this rate you're going to kill him if you don't stop Dementia.° Just as she said that Alexander managed to pry me off of him

Monday, January 27, 2014

People are assholes

So yesterday I participated in a "dance" contest. Afterwards  someone apparently approached my fiancĂ© and said "I don't know why you're girl even tries she can't shake her ass like the other girls" when he told me this I was devastated and furious. It takes a lot of confidence I don't really have to get up there and try my hardest. I'm sorry I don't dance like a whore and my mother always told me if you don't have anything nice to say don't say anything at all. That means keep your rude, spiteful, snarky and hateful comments to your damned self!!