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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Mother in Laws

Mother in laws most of us have them. Mine takes the cake! she gets at at 330am to go to work so on days she is off she bitches if my fiance and I sleep in past 8am. He works nights and I cant sleep till I get to sleep till he gets home and I work at 10am he gets home around 12 and we dont get to sleep till like 1 or 2 am and I work till 630 or later some nights and she bitches that I dont help out enough when on my days off she either wants to do running all over the place leaving all three of the dogs in one crate all fucking day or she is sitting on her ass watching tv or sleeping so i dont want to disturb her. At night I dont do the dishes b/c I am either too tired or dont want to hear her bitch b/c I woke her up or am preventing her from getting to sleep. I wish my finace and I could get out on our own but with my hours getting cut in the winter time it makes it harder than hell. She says if I dont start helping out more I have to find my own place to live.....

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